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2. Fuji Instax Mini Instant Camera

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Books are the new internet. Mustaches are hip. The 1990’s are “vintage.” And analog is the new digital. The future is now. Er, the past future is now? Something like that.

Introducing The *new* Fuji Instax Mini, a generational twist on ‘yer Dad’s old Land Cam. We like to think of it as Polaroid’s little brother. A lively whipper snapper doing his own thing in a new age of instant film.

You see, the Instax is a bit different than its predecessors. It prints credit card-sized photos on bold Fuji film, but retains a classic instant film look that everyone loves. Plus, you’ve got more control when you’re shooting: four exposure settings for indoor/outdoor shooting, a built-in flash, and a sweeping wide angle.

No USB cables, no memory cards, and no computer. Just a few basic chemical reactions that develop in the palm of your hand. He’s a little white wizard of when-ever-you-want-it-wallet-sized-love.

Waarom is dit cool:
Ik vind het erg cool dat de oude producten in een nieuw jasje worden gestoken. En dit te combineren met de nieuwe technologie. Dit maakt het oude product weer uniek, ook worden de polaroid foto’s met deze camera veel kleiner afgedrukt wat tegenwoordig ook normaal is. Maar dit maakt de polaroid camera weer een camera van de toekomst.



Written by dwittens

12 april 2010 bij 16:38

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